About Us

At Angel, less is always more!  The goal of all our treatments is to enhance and perfect your own natural beauty and smooth away some years at the same time. 

We always chose the most advanced but least invasive treatment option on the market and combine that with more than twenty years of experience to achieve the best and longest-lasting results possible.

Janet has been a practicing Beauty and Aesthetic Therapist since 2001.  She is a member of professional industry organisations and has many advanced skin care qualifications. 

Janet always brings the very latest in new and advanced treatments and training to the clinic and takes great pride in providing clients with a safe, comfortable and quiet environment. 

We all have little things that we want to change about how we look, getting rid of unwanted hair or that double chin, maybe clearer firmer skin, a wee bit tighter here and there, fuller lips, longer lashes.  Make the most of what you have while still looking like a natural beauty!  Advancements in technology, combined with Janet’s expertise, mean it’s never been easier or more affordable.