Needle-free Fillers

At Angel we believe that the non-evasive option is always the best option, which is why we use Hyalax needle-free fillers. This fantastic product can be used to create volume, shape and lift the lips, giving a beautiful and natural plump look.

Hyalax can also be used to fill out your nasolabial folds, giving the skin a more pump and smooth appearance.

This fantastic technology uses a high-pressure pump to push the filler through your skin. It’s pain-free and causes a lot less discomfort than a needle injection, which is why a lot of clients prefer this method. There’s none of the redness and bruising that comes with traditional filler and that means no downtime or healing!

It also causes less anxiety and trauma to the area, so this is ideal for anyone considering filler that is afraid of needles and causes minimal to zero bruising.

Results last 3-6 months, depending on how quickly your body metabolises the filler.

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